How To Become An Excellent Home Health Physical Therapist

Becoming an effective physical therapist no mater what setting you choose to work in takes certain basic skills. I think we all can agree on the fact that to be effective you should have a good grasp of knowledge when it comes to physical rehabilitation and helping someone overcome injuries or an elective surgical procedure.

With experience you may choose to at some point to go into home health physical therapy where you are have the most autonomy and, become your own boss. But to be effective, you need to be sure you have acquired and practice several business traits that will assure you of building good patient rapport and respect as a professional.

The three mentioned are not all-inclusive however they are important enough to be put at the top of any physical therapists lists.

1. Good Time Management: There is nothing that you can do that will cost you good patient relations and lose respect as a health care professional then to have poor time management skills.

This takes careful panning and, should come with experience as you get accustomed to travel times in your respected territories and, become more aware of what it takes to give a good all-encompassing treatment.

Making sure you have control over your caseload is vitally important. Most cases of poor time management is where a therapist takes on more patients than they can effectively handle. There will be only so much time in a day and you always have to be aware of possible scheduling difficulties with some patients.

I allow 30 minutes of travel time between patients no matter where there location is at from my earlier patient. This will give you plenty of cover time and, if you have extra time you can either call ahead and see if the next patient can be seen a little earlier or, take the time to get caught up on paperwork.

2. Get Organized: Some will say that this should be under time management and in many case it can be. But getting organized also means the night before you should have your documentation pre-prepared and, in its proper locations in the each patients file.

This will save you time and frustration by not having to dig through files right before pulling into a patients driveway. Having the cases in chronological order and taking the time to map out your route will save time and cut down on your own stress levels if not familiar with a certain area.

3. Be Respectful: This not only concerns the patients time by showing up at the patients house on the time you previously arranged but, also showing respect for the patients home and immediate surroundings.

There are a number of homes for instance I go into that prefer that you take your shoes off before entering. Some patients will ask you to, some will not. Some patients will feel awkward believe it or not to ask you to remove your shoes. If I see the family walking around in socks for instance then I ask if they would like me to take my shoes off.

Be careful where you place your equipment and be sure if you have to move something that you place it back where it was. This may sound as if it is common sense but, I have seen and more importantly heard from previous patients what someone did or did not do.

You can bet little things like the above mentioned example can be important to people. After all we as therapists are in their home now, this is not neutral ground like the hospital is for instance. Respect other peoples homes and their traditions or customs and you will gain mutual respect in their eyes and, more than likely, that patient will either ask for you again if needed or refer your name to someone they know if they need physical therapy in the future.

Being good at time management, taking the time to get yourself organized the night before and, being respectful of someones home will win them over every time and, its great for business in these competitive times in home health.